Monday, 25 March 2013



I really feel at this current time in terms of my studies that my draughtsmanship skills are more than adequate to produce some high quality work, for both modules and professionally. I have spent a lot of time absorbing all kinds of information from artists in the industry alongside self study with regards to animation, colour theory, composition, story telling, painting, drawing, setting mood, rhythm and much much more!!


It is just never enough! I always want to learn more and more but this means I never actually get round to producing my own work because I'm too busy trying to understand the fundamentals of painting, drawing, composition, colour theory, animation etc.


It is almost the Easter holidays so I will be sending my portfolio and show reel to Atomhawk Design. I will hopefully convince them to let me visit over the holidays for a few days or perhaps fulfil a week's work experience, both of which would be incredibly insightful and beneficial to my advancement as a creative professional.

With these last two remaining months I have the opportunity to work hard and produce a body of work that is far better than any previous and hopefully put me in good stead to working as a freelance animator  and illustrator.


I see no threats... Only opportunities.

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