Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Remaining Use of Time

And reaching goals.

Well, the end of the course is getting ever closer! Time to formulate a time plan for the goals and body of work I want to have complete for my portfolio, show reel and Final Show.

I have 6 weeks of university left with an additional 2 week Easter break in between, on top of this I have an additional 3 weeks until the Final Show
Here is a rough bullet point list of the projects I would like to complete in this time!

  • Five 5 second shorts (possibly more if time allows)
  • 'Sea Gypsy' 3 minute* animated trailer along with pre vis
  • 3D printed, posable character made in Cinema 4D with the use of a model sheet
  • Finish my E4 Ident from last year
  • 3D Ealhdun animation
  • Wall length comic strip for final show
On top of this I want to constantly be pushing and improving my digital painting. Of which I can use for both my physical and digital portfolio.

Wish me luck!


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