Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Atomhawk Design

I've been researching animation and design studios in the local area and I found this really awesome games design company called Atomhawk Design based in Gateshead!

They are seriously in close proximity to where I live here in Newcastle!

So I will be working to get an up to date PDF portfolio and showreel ready to show them! Hopefully they will let me hang around the place for a week or two during the easter holidays!

So... Wish me luck!

Here is their 2012 showreel featuring much of their work. They have worked on such game titles as Mortal Kombat, Enslaved & the Realm.

I was really blown away by their digital painting skills, the way they get them to move and work as an animation. Hopefully if they let me look around the studio they will give me some tricks, tips and insights on how they produce their work!


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