Monday, 25 March 2013

Being a Better Storyteller

For so long now I have always struggled with which road to take as an artist. Fine art, figurative, landscape, digital painter, concept artist, comic book artist, illustrator, animator... The list goes on. Although I'm sure I will have the opportunity to work on all of these formats, it is only in the last two years that I have realised how important STORY is. How important it is to attract and keep an audience. How important stories are in all of our lives and all of our cultures. I see now that I enjoy to tell stories! Of all kinds, be it in film, animation, illustration, sequential or painting.

I have started piecing together my story for my final animated short. To help me I have been reading a book called "Invisible Ink" by Brian McDonald.

Invisible Ink, 'a practical guide to building stories that resonate.' Is an absolutely fantastic book. Every page has a 'Eureka' moment where things just 'click' and make sense in such a profound and obvious way.

After having read this book, I feel my skills as a story teller have increased massively, I cannot wait to finalise my script utilising the knowledge I have gained!

A great example from the book are the 'Seven easy steps to a better story.'

They are;

  1. Once upon a time___________________
  2. And every day_____________________
  3. Until one day______________________
  4. And because of this_________________
  5. And because of this_________________
  6. Until finally_______________________
  7. And ever since that day______________

Incredibly obvious, incredibly simple. But very few people understand it. Brian breaks these down in to 'ACTS' and 'Curtains' in the book and with plenty more jewels of storytelling wisdom throughout.

So, if you have it in mind to become a better storyteller, you NEED this book! So go buy it!


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