Monday, 28 November 2011

More Hands!

The weekend is finally over, back to some more posts!

I've got some more hand studies that I'd like to share with you, practicing whilst watching various Milt Kahl animations. These were drawn in my Moleskine, which, I carry everywhere with me! Hands are p-r-obably the hardest thing to get right on the human body and can really 'make or break' a drawing. You can't hide poor hand drawings, but when done right, they are so expressive and vital in communicating story and retaining believability. So I've really forced myself to concentrate on them as of late.

Apart from that there isn't much more I can tell you, except that I have started my 'Time Plan' in lesson today which you can probably expect in the very near future, accompanied by some character model sheets and other little things.

Thanks again,


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