Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Character Design

Well I'm back again, this time with some character designs! We had an hour's task in class where we were given a hand-out of character back stories in which we had to develop and visualise. There were three characters in all and after having designed our character's we found out that they were in fact, all entirely based on animals, a pigeon, a frog and a monkey to be exact. Here I've posted my design for one of them.

I've also got an image of a character from my previous project, meet Zeleka. The name Zeleka actually means "little innocent one". She may get refined a little more for when I come to animate the actual film.

And finally I have a little doodle using a Pentel Brush Pen after class, I love this pen, it really allows you to stay loose and free in your sketching. I like how this portrait was drawn free of reference, from which started as a simple rectangle and developed in a matter of minute's. A perfect example of how planning a picture no matter how rough is essential to getting a competent image. Her feature's are aligned with those of the divine proportion.

Again I am really sorry about the picture quality, these were taken with an iPhone!

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