Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Adam Hughes...

What more can I say? This guy has a had a profound effect on me as an 'artist', if I could ever call myself one, from my outlook on art to the very tools I use to create it. Adam and his work rea-l-ly opened up my eyes. It all stems from this guy!

Adam Hughes is an american comic book writer & artist who, is probably best known for his covers on DC comics as well as his signature 'Good Girl Art'.

Before Hughes, I really only ever looked at american comic book and manga artists, and that's no way to be! It was he, who planted the seed in my mind regarding colour, composition, anatomy, the quality I wanted to achieve, as well as a chain of key influential artists in my life such as Gil Elvgren, Norman Rockwell, Alphonse Mucha, JC Leyendecker, Alex Raymond and so on. He was also the first artist to make me believe I could earn a living drawing pictures...

I have now gone on to explore much in the realm of art, I have understood many ideals and gained the knowledge that is essential to creating art, as well as acquiring a 'bank' of artists that have influenced me over the years, each connected in a complex web, originating, from Adam Hughes. Without him, I simply wouldn't be where I am today, I'd still be scribbling silly drawings with no real conviction.

But enough from me! I've got some examples of his work that I'd like to show you, finished covers, convention sketches and illustrations.

Man that was exhausting! So many pictures! But it was fun, if you're interested in Adam Hughes' work his latest book is now in shops, 'Cover Run' the DC comics art of Adam Hughes. Also the link to his website is http://www.justsayah.com/

Aaand finally I'll leave you with this clip of him drawing at a convention which, I have watched hundreds of times! And has continued to inspire and floor me every time.
It's actually in 5 parts, here's part 1 ;)



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