Monday, 8 April 2013

AH! Adam Hughes

This is my second post on Adam Hughes.

Adam is such a huge inspiration to me and major art hero. It was really his art work that got me into taking this profession seriously. I have recently realised that what you keep in your mind will eventually take effect on your character. Well, I have ART on my mind! Over the years I have watched videos of Hughes drawing, taking interviews and have bought much of his work.

He has shown me the work ethic and amount of hours you have to put in to your craft if you really want to 'master' it. One of the most poignant statements he made was that everybody had tens of thousands of bad drawings in their hands. In order to get to the good ones you've gotta 'write' out all of those tens of thousands of bad ones.

Here are some short videos of him sketching at comic conventions. Pay close attention to the freedom and fluidity in his pencil strokes. You catch on to the fact that although these drawings only take a couple of minutes in the video, they have actually taken decades to produce...

I guess this post is very much about realisation, realising the work ethic needed in this profession, the dedication and passion, but in more technical terms; 'Good drawing is good design, and vice versa.'

Here you can see that Adam isn't necessarily drawing true to life forms, he's nuancing them to 'read' graphically, he's drawing 'symbols,' symbols he's taken years to acquire, symbols he's drawn tens of thousands of times.

Well I hope you enjoyed these videos.

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