Thursday, 12 January 2012

Test, test, test, test, test!

After my first 'failure' animating real acting scene's using pencil, I was a little down, but it made me realize just how hard traditional hand drawn animation is and the skills that are necessary. Learning from my past mistakes I started again with a different scene and planned accordingly. I acted out my scene using a stop watch to get the timing down and began my 'key' poses (the storytelling poses). It is so important to have some kind of connection with the character you are animating, to truly feel what they are feeling at the time, as if the pencil tip has nerve endings! I then animated them in photoshop and although very choppy you can get a real sense of the correct timing, this stage is vitally important, the keys must work before you go ahead and add the extremes and finally the inbetweens. I must have rendered about 15 videos before I felt the timing was right. From here with the help of my exposure sheet I can add the extremes before testing again and then the inbetweens and so forth.

With my previous experiment I just animated straight ahead believing it would work alright in the end, but every little mistake shows up when you shoot it on film... Trust me. And so my lesson learnt is hard work, planning and most importantly TESTING!

Speaking of testing here you can see the Yeti Reaction scene and also a WIP opening scene, animated in colour in photoshop.

Cheers guys & thanks for watching.

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