Monday, 9 January 2012

Monday Morning

Just a quick (firmly encouraged by my tutor) update with a couple of line tests from my animation.

Shock & Blink


The timing on these are off, but it has been an educational experiment. To correct these scenes and finish the others in the same hand drawn style would just take too long and so a change of style is required in order to complete the module, however this sort of animation is what I really want to pursue and achieve some sort of competency! I've definitely learnt the importance of strong draughtsmanship within animation and it is now my main focus for both personal and professional development. You simply can't animate without being able to draw...

Finally just an image I came across this morning that I found quite interesting.

Kaleidoscope by Thien Bao

I believe this piece was created for Imagine FX magazine as both a front cover and tutorial.

I love this kind of freedom of artistic expression and imagination. A very easy piece to look at with great composition and colour harmonies.

The eyes are what I found most interesting, something I don't recall seeing before with the shape of the pupils being a diamond shape! I've seen serpentine eyes before and certainly circular but not diamond. Mind blowing huh...

Anyways That's all, cheers guys.

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