Sunday, 24 February 2013

Industry Practice Flash Animation

During my work experience at Kilogramme I learnt a lot about 'character kits' and the animation software 'Flash' in general. There aren't as many opportunities for one to work as part of a large work force these days and a lot of studios are relatively small. Thusly it is important as a freelance animator to be able to do more than one job role and be able to produce scenes on their own as well as part of a team.

Utilising 'Character Kits' in Flash, i.e. Setting up re-usable animation such as expressions and head turns which you can call upon using keyframes saves valuable time and allows you to work a lot faster.

Here is a great example of rough animation from Titmouse studio on the last episode of Motorcity.

Here the animator Ben Li has used pre made head turns whilst animating the rest of the character's movements "tradigitally."

I think it is important for me to strengthen my skills in this fashion in order to reap the most reward from Flash as well as increasing productivity.


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