Sunday, 9 December 2012

PPD Task 1b

Stage 2

Creative Skill Set

Using I researched my prospective job role in the animation industry as a Computer Generated 2D Animator.

Although my ambition is to be a traditional Hand-drawn 'Supervising' or 'Key' animator, especially on a feature length film, I felt that these kind jobs will be harder to procure in the future and so, I felt it wise to research the former, whilst working on the traditional animation in my 'spare time.'

Here are the necessary skills required according to Creative Skillset for a CG 2D Animator.

Stage 3

Map Essential Skills against SWOT Analysis

I feel like the current work I am doing, especially my illustration work is contributing massive amounts to my core design skills and use of colour which I think is essential as a CG 2D or Flash animator. Especially since most of the work has to be produced solely by myself and without the aid of an in-betweener and also in general as creatives are evermore so required to do multiple tasks in the industry.

However I really need to concentrate greatly on animating...

It's been hard juggling my illustration work, client work and uni work as well as finding time to work on some good Acting animation, which of course, takes a lot more time and effort.

In a positive light, I do believe that I have a solid understanding of the core principles of animation and story telling I just need to make more time to put these in to effect.

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