Sunday, 7 October 2012


Man what an awesome movie!

I have so much respect for these stop motion animators and especially with the way they animated this movie, stylistically and visually the film was breathtaking.

I love how creative the movie was, none of the characters were symmetrical and all had their own little nuances and 'crookedness' which made for a more intricate and believable world. The movie managed to stay fresh throughout and the way they turned the zombie genre around was exciting and new, especially in such a zombie saturated culture!

Here's a nice expression sheet for "Norman" handy as inspiration for my current character project.

Heidi Smith worked as the character designer for this movie and I love how she doesn't get tied down by formalities and really gets the essence of the character down on paper, she draws the way the character would feel and I think it's just perfect for this movie and they did an awesome job of translating that to 3D.

I haven't got any images of the end credits from this movie but I stayed behind to watch them and I have to say, even the end credits were a joy to see! The end credits inspired my own work more than the actual movie! At least in terms of visual aesthetics, as the end credits were in a 2D style and had a wonderful sense of design and colour which I am striving for in my own 2D projects.

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