Sunday, 5 February 2012


I recently went to see Sleeping Beauty the Scottish Ballet at the Theatre Royal which was a joy to watch and to hear, the band was amazing and probably inspired me more than the show!

Anyways before going to see the ballet I made some more 1-2 minute gestures from film purely to try and loosen up and draw something other than a disney pretty girl or wolverine...

One thing I did learn with regards to animation is the power of the human body and the importance of the "pose" and how vital it is to storytelling, the ballet is totally silent (apart from the band) and so the dancers have to use their body to convey emotion, story and feeling. A slight twist in the hips, tension of the shoulders or a slight turn of the head can say so, so much.

The more variations of art I see and listen to, the more I see they are the same and a feeling of oneness comes over you, animation is such a joy and is a culmination of all the arts, it is acting, dancing, singing, drawing, painting, comedy, drama, fantasy... You can do and be anything you can imagine, when watching the ballet you can sometimes hear the scuffle of a foot and you realise you are in a theatre, where animation can truly make you forget you are watching an animation and transport you to another place.

Cheers guys.

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