Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pencil Lead Shavings

Man I've been drawing a lot today! My hand feels numb... Hence the post title, my leadholder sharpener is just full of lead! I kinda like "Lead Shavings" as a possible title for my blog title, it would definitely reflect how much I draw these days.

Sorry for the late post (not that you probably mind!) I've missed the mark by minutes, so I guess I've kinda failed my post a day vow...

Anyways I've got a little sneak peek for you of some sketches from 'life' that I used to inform my character designs, hope you dig.

Gorillas are seriously one of my favourite things to draw!

Again sorry for the poor quality of the iPhone's camera! (good excuse for my crappy drawings ha)
Cheers guys, that's all for today



  1. You should definitely make that your blog title :3 I love how effortless your illustrations are. Seriously good work.

  2. Your work is proper good. You've inspired me to draw more


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